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Familiar rural tourism
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Main facade

A bit of History

Isolated Farmhouse located in the Eastern slope of the vecindario of Pujals dels Pagesos, near Can Frigola and Can Llauger, in the middle of natural environment but very well communicated.
The Farmhouse is surrounded by Mediterranean forest, where we can find a mixture of pines, oaks and oaks. It is necessary to honour a centennial oak of great dimensions and a small group of almezos with roots of very peculiar forms.
The Farmhouse was constructed towards century XV, although we find elements in its construction of century XVII and later.
The Farmhouse is of rectangular plant, double slope and two flats with some added constructions. In the main facade of noon it emphasizes the foreign vestibule of arc of average end of sand voussoirs. It raises there is a window of curved imposts and is contiguous monolithic have been changed.
Another second window is geminated with small coffers trilobados of gothic style. The ashlar are of travertino. Underneath they excel two powerful abutments.

A second window is geminated with arquetes trilobados of gothic style. His ashlars are maded from travertino. Underneath they excel two powerful abutments.
Leaned to the house there was the old cabin, now reformed. In the facade this diverse phases in the building are observed. It emphasizes a window of arquetes trilobados of gothic style of ashlars of travertino. One second window is contiguous of stone, has window sill and grate. The rest of openings is of is contiguous of stone of a single piece. The later facade has a furnace and diverse openings. It is necessary to emphasize another window with curved imposts and is contiguous, like also a door of escarzano arc. The bread furnace conserves the old mouth of ashlars of stone. Inside the farmhouse part of the old stables and the kitchen is conserved.
The Farmhouse belonged to the family of Can Frigola. In years 70 it was sold and later recovered in years 80. In this restoration part of the annexed building of the Farmhouse was demolished, and others were annexed until obtaining the present structure. Also all the interiors, tile roofs, forged and pavements were recovered. In 1999 the property was acquired with the intention to turn it Farmhouse of rural tourism and the interiors with the objective were recovered to adapt it to this new use.
From now on and with many desire we put ourselves to your service so that you enjoy like us calm and relaxing surroundings.

4 Espigas
De acuerdo con la calificaciˇn de Turismo Rural de la Generalitat de Catlunya, Mas Fuselles, ha obtenido los criterios de calidad que le otorgan 4 espigas de un mßximo de 5.
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